MrMenCentral has been into Homestar Runner a lot recently, and TMMaLMS, being the "extreme fanstuff" that it is, has a lot of Homestar Runner references.

Regular Homestar Runner referencesEdit

  • Mr. Atom was inspired by Homsar.
  • Mr. Heavy was inspired by the Heavy Lourde.
  • Ye Flask was inspired by the Homestar Runner game Thy Dungeonman.
  • The pfargtl was inspired by a word Coach Z created in Sbemail 169 Deleted Scene. In the commentary, Coach Z says it's his favorite animal, which is why it's an animal.
  • Miss Solo was inspired by Marzipan.
  • Two of the Number Pencils, Number 4 and Number 9, were inspired by Homestar Runner characters.

Other ReferencesEdit

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